The Curse of the Orthana by Nick Tamboia

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Chapter 3: Narovis The Shadow Lord.

Later that very evening, Jadis was sitting in her study with several of her advisors around her, two of which were human men. These two men were brothers, Khol and Piter. They both belonged to a race known as Calormene, who had come into Narnia ages ago.

Jadis was aware that the Calormene were constantly at war with another race of Narnia Humans known as the Archenlanders and intended to invade their lands and take them over. She was also aware that the Calormene desired to take over Narnia itself, and I am sure her alliance with them was more to use them to her advantage in her own quest to take over Narnia herself, and nothing else.

Jadis had no intention of sharing power once she became Queen of Narnia, and I have no doubt that if the Calormene refused to bend a knee to her and do as she commanded once she became Queen, then she would destroy them completely.

Khol was tall, husky looking beneath his clothing, with tan skin tones, and long, wavy jet black hair. By comparison his brother was shorter, slender of build, with very pale skin tones, almost white colored hair and very pale blue colored eyes, and as where Khol dressed in leather like armor and dark colored clothing, Piter was dressed in light blue and white clothing.

Both brothers had come to Jadis a week before that day at the request of their uncle. From the story Khol had told Jadis, a beast known as the Grass Man had been causing trouble for a fishing village on the eastern edge of their country, and the villagers had asked their uncle to help them get rid of it. This Grass Man, as Jadis was told, was some form of spirit or so it was thought, one that was enormous in size and covered itself with long steams and laves of plants so that it appeared as a hulking giant made of straw and grass, and most often was seen at dusk or dawn, and would ravage farms, destroying everything it could, and take the livestock for itself.