Camp Rules

Camp Rules Summer 2018 (Updated 07/13/2018)

Here’s some basic rules of the camp.

We are a summer camp focused on a roleplay story rather than your basic summer camps.

You will find yourself lost with your friends on a mysterious land which is inhabited by creatures and enemies wanting to eat you, kill you and hurt you. Who knows what we will find here. It’s a world only limited by our imagination, anything can happen.

We do not want to hear “OMG But that wouldn’t happen in real life!!” This is Second Life, our imagination and an adventure in a fairytale reality is what we make it together.

We have to roleplay surviving. this may include scavenging for food and supplies to make shelter. Maybe even to make some form of defense to protect us from the unknown.

We at Richmond Survival Camp are all about roleplay but we also keep in mind that this being SL we can have twists in stories and make the unimaginable imaginable. We’re laid back and each person role-plays to their own level, we allow all levels or roleplay.

During camp there shall be no judging others by the way they roleplay. Each to their own.

If at anytime you do not like something we do, then you simply do not have to take part in that roleplay.

Anyone found to cause drama or try to ruin the fun will simply be removed and banned from future camps.

The biggest rule this and every year that will surely get you sent away is being an RP Nazi. We are very sorry but we need to make this very clear from the start. We have over 100 kids and everyone role plays differently. Some are very skillful at RP while others not so well. If at any time you feel the urge to judge anyone by how they are role playing or you feel you need to complain because someone didn’t reply to your emotes in a very heavy wall of chat please don’t. Simply this year RP nazism will not be tolerated. There are plenty of other places you can engage in heavy para rp in second life but this camp isn’t for you. This camp is about having fun and enjoying a week away from the stress and drama we may face on a daily basis.

If at anytime someone role-plays something you don’t like then simply IM them and say OOC you do not wish to do that. Something else IC will be found for you to participate in.

While you are logged into SL IC you will be required to be at the camp at all times. Because we are a free camp and space is very limited there may be other people who really want to be at camp but can’t. So please just as you would be expected at a paid camp we ask that you remain on the sim. We understand people have stores , other commitments in SL they may need to attend to so let a staff member know and we will handle each case on a case by case basis.

This is a survival camp working together is key. Anything goes so long as it’s PG.

If at anytime you have a complaint, you may bring it to either Landon Edenbaum, Mckenzieky Resident or another member of staff. We will try our best to make sure everyone is happy with the way we have planned out the camp.

Other Rules:
1. Watch your language. While some of us don’t get offended by certain words please respect that there might be some around you who don’t want to hear your potty mouth. Have some common courtesy and manners.

2. No Voice. Campers (kids) will NOT be allowed to be on voice at any time. This is to promote more interaction between campers since some people can’t hear voice. Also most people don’t know how to role play properly using voice. NOTE: This rule has been in place since our very first camp in 2014. I understand some kids like talking in voice using voice changers but this is the rule that’s been set in place, sorry it will remain that way.

3. Weapons. Only fantasy themed weapons a kid would use will be allowed. For example daggers, small swords, bow and arrows etc.

4. OOC. There will be assigned IC and OOC times during camp. IC means that you will be in character and follow along with the RP, this includes not leaving an area an adult has asked you to stay in. There will be a designated OOC area where you can be OOC at any time if you just wish to take a break and hang out with your friends and be silly. During OOC times you can be out of character throughout the entire sim.

5. NO DRAMA. It simply will not be tolerated. Drama makers will be sacrificed to the Sith Lord to be force choked to death and sent away forever.

6. NO Whining. This is a FREE camp run like camps that are paid for to attend. People put A LOT of their real money into this for sim builds and supplies. A lot of folks put in their time and work to bring you an awesome camp that you would not believe is free to attend. If you were here last year or talk to someone who was you’d find that we spared no expense to create an awesome sim, no freebies were used and the sim was not tacky at all, it was simply awesome. So please keep that in mind before you want to complain for small things. We are all here to have a good time not to worry about pointless dramas SL has enough of.

7. Dancers – While dancers are very fun, there is a time and place for them. Dancers will not be allowed during events and any event area. Please keep dancers for OOC/hangout areas. If an adult asks you to turn off a dancer, please comply.

8. Tokens – Be fair. No fighting over them.

9. No candy allowed. Ok this last one is not real that’s just us being silly. Enjoy camp and have fun!

RSC will always remain free and we hope to be giving you all an experience you will never forget. We hope you will enjoy the camp and we are thankful that you are joining us.

Good luck!