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About Camp

Richmond Survival Camp is Second Life’s newest yearly camp for child avatars. It is a FREE summer camp to give kids of all backgrounds, ages, and with different skill levels of role play a chance at an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a store owner or not, have many friends or not you will always feel welcomed and at home.

Unlike other camps on the grid, RSC takes a unique approach in role play. At this camp you will not find normal sleeping cabins or what most would expect from a summer camp. At RSC nothing looks safe! it is almost…deadly and your goal is to survive!. In 2014 Richmond Survival Camp took place in a lost island infested with hungry kid eating dinosaurs. All kids except one made it home safe and we can proudly say that for such unique type of camp it turned out to be a great success. In 2015 camp took place in an abandoned military island full of deadly zombies. We are happy to bring this camp back year after year with new adventures and each time bigger and better.


Our Commitment

We are committed to making camp fun, safe and of high quality while always remaining FREE. We will never take money from our campers, if there is something that cannot be optional and is required of you to bring to camp we will always do our best to provide it or it will not be forced on you to bring. We are committed to make camp as accessible to as many kids as possible only limited by the limits imposed on us by Second Life (avatars on a region, etc.). We don’t want anyone ever to feel like they have to leave their friends behind because they did not make the cut. Everyone is welcomed and we do our best to not turn anyone away.

We are committed in always creating an atmosphere that will make you feel like you are part of a family, welcomed, cared for and respected. At RSC you will never feel like an outcast, creators and non-creators it doesn’t matter we are all equals.