The Curse of the Orthana by Nick Tamboia

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Running, Alia dodged and zigzagged around fighting monsters, gasping and yelling as she did so.

Before her, another orc slammed down a war hammer on top of a Dwarf’s head, and a moment later was run through with a sword, thrust into his chest by a large, muscular gargoyle, who in turn was shot with a half dozen arrows.

Screaming the girl leaped over the gargoyle’s body and ran toward the far side of the field, hopefully heading away from the fighting.

She had made it some distance when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and jerked her head that way, seeing another orc riding on a warg, charging right at her as he swung his sword over his head.

When Jadis had come to Narnia, her magic abilities had been diminished, and it had taken ages for powers to grow back. The exact opposite had happened to Alia. Narnia had amplified her abilities.

With a startled shout of fear, the girl went down on her knees as she thrust her right hand up, attempting to make a magic shield to protect herself from her attacker. Instead, what happened due to her magic being amplified was that the ground before the warg exploded, dirt and grass flying up into the air as if a massive cannonball had impacted the ground. The warg and orc were sent flying sideways, bouncing down on to the ground some distance away. Neither moved.

“Oh,” was all the girl shouted at seeing that, and then jumped back up on her bare feet.

“Get her,” she heard a voice shouted, and when she looked to her right, she saw three goblins running toward her.

Alia took off running, heading for the trees, the goblins a few paces behind her. Just as the girl left the field behind and entered the forest, she held her arms up, and called on her magic ability to control plants. “Grow,” she shouted at the trees and brush to each side of her.

Instantly, bushes, shrubs, saplings and other plants not only began to grow, then began twisting and knitting themselves together, stretching out as they formed a wall behind her.

One of the goblins chasing her was caught in the growing wall of plants and became trapped there. The slowest once crashed face fist into it and fell back into the glade. The fast one made it through and ran up behind Alia. With a shrill shout, it dove on her back, tackling her.

The two of them tumbled down a slight hill and into the stream that ran through the gully at the bottom of it. Alia shoved the goblin off of her, and tried to stand and run, but the creature snatched onto the back of her dress, almost completely ripping it off of her upper body as it violently pulled the girl back, caught her and then slammed her down on her back.

Laughing it rose up its sword, intent on stabbing the girl with it. Alia, without realizing it, simply shouted, “fish!”

All at once the sword the goblin was holding above his head turned into a wiggling fish. Startled by this, the goblin jumped up as he tossed the fish aside, confused by how it had gotten in his hands.

Without hesitating, the girl kicked up with both of her feet, planting them in the goblin’s crotch. The goblin let out with a grunt and fell down on his knees.

At the same time, Alai sat up fast, clutching a large stone in her right hand, and slammed it against the side of the goblin’s head. It made a sickening cracking sound, and the goblin fell limply to the side.

The girl sprang back up, glanced around for another attacker, but saw none. Without thinking she turned around and began running down the stream, heading away from the fighting in the glade.

The goblin Alia had knocked out was not the only one to make it into the forest before she had made that wall of plants.

Noctis and another wolf stood in the shadows of the woods, having witnessed what the girl had done, watching as she ran down the stream.

“Track her,” the dire wolf said. “Don’t approach her, just follow her but stay hidden. I will be back.”

With that the huge black dire wolf ran off, heading back to the glade.

Not long after this he found Jadis sitting in a tent that overlooked the forest and distant glade where the battle had taken place.

“My Queen,” Noctis panted as he approached her.

Jadis sat on a large white chair, a goblet held in her left hand, as she looked at the huge wolf for a long moment.

“We have another victory,” she finally said to the dire wolf.

This was true, shortly after Alia had entered the forest, the battle of the glade ended, with those of the Goblin King’s forces retreating. However, as they had left, they had taken the trunk Alia had arrived to Narnia in, with them. For whatever reason I have no idea, as it is doubtful they knew what it was, and most likely just took it, mistaking it for some object of value that belonged to Jadis

“As expected,” Noctis said with a bow of his head.

“Why did you leave the battlefield?” Jadis was annoyed that he had, and it showed on her face.

“My Queen, I found her,” the dire wolf answered.
Jadis frowned at that. “Found who?”

“The child you have been looking for,” Noctis replied.

Slowly Jadis stood up, her eyes fixed on the huge dire wolf. After a moment, the slightest trace of a smile touched her lips.