Winter 2018

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Chapter 2

The road was steep going uphill. Gedeon exhausted never slowed his pace and had continued his journey bravely fighting off creatures, creatures who were once good. Coming up at the top of the hill he came to a stop, crestfallen he looked down at his surroundings, the once beautiful Fantasia was now darkened by The Nothing.

“Not a beautiful sight is it?” a deep slow groggy voice said. Gedeon turned back, hearing the voice, a tall rocky figure, hidden in the shadows loomed over him. “I’m Rock Biter” said the creature, introducing himself. “You must be the young warrior, all our hopes are resting on”. Gedeon nodded as he listened to the creature.

“I’m Gedeon, and I am afraid I may be too late!” he exclaimed.

“Indeed you are..” Rock Biter replied. “What you see is what is left of Fantasia, every creature that was once good, has now been turned evil. They will destroy every bit of our world until there is nothing. We had hoped that the childlike princess would be able to amass an army that would save us, but she has gone missing. Taken by The Nothing, i’m afraid” Rock Biter looked down sadly.

“I was called here to meet with her, what should I do now?” Gedeon questioned.

Taking a handful of rocks, Rock Biter held them in his hands for a moment, he paused crushing the rocks before eating them, he looked down at the young warrior, deep in thought for a moment he began to speak. “Hmmm we have been through this before if my old memory serves me right. You can’t fight The Nothing alone, you will need an army. It will take the imagination and pure heart of a human child to reverse what The Nothing has destroyed.”

“Where will I find these children?” Gedeon exclaimed.

“A very good question” Rock Biter finished his meal “I do not know, but you must hurry or the childlike princess will certainly meet her demise; and our world will never return to its beauty.”

Gedeon looked down at his feet, now even more puzzled, he has so many questions but he sets them aside, he straightens himself up, determined to continue his trip to the Ivory Tower, he climbs up on Archer and with a quick wave to Rock Biter sets off again.

Rock Biter waves back and watches the young warrior ride off.

To be continued…written by you!

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